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Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy, and How Can It Help My Horse?


Laser therapy can be beneficial for many conditions, including wounds and soft tissue injuries. Dr. Adams uses the Multiradiance MR4 ACTIVet PRO, which delivers super pulsed laser therapy without the risk of thermal injury which is possible with other units.  Super pulsed laser technology provides more energy and penetrates deeper than comparable non-super pulsed lasers but does not generate excessive damaging heat.
Laser light stimulates tissue healing by increasing the metabolic speed of injured cells. It also reduces pain and increases circulation by causing tissues to release inflammatory mediators and vasodilators such as nitrous oxide. 

For horses that are needle-shy, the laser can also be used to stimulate acupuncture points, allowing the horse to receive the benefits of acupuncture without stress to the animal.


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